MaP my Journey

The MaP application brings together the owner, maintainer and user of roads in a simple and intuitive application. Designed to work across multiple platforms such as phones and tablets, the MaP application is designed to provide users with convenient and timely access to accurate information.

Built using modern web technology, MaP files, processes and retrieves data directly to/from a single source, whilst providing a user-interface tailored for asset owners, maintainance contractors and the general public. Rapid data exchange allows key information to be imported or exported to third party systems on demand. As soon as a project, maintenance or Incident are created, the updates are instantly available to all users of the system.

Unlike conventional data-entry and rehandling, MaP reduces human error and improves asset register utilisation. Furthermore, real-time processing, loading and distribution of data opens up a world of possibilities for users seeking information in a timely manner.

How it Works


Projects allows owners to define details about road projects to inform others. The facility creates rich content allowing maps, pictures and plans to be embedded in a single source of truth for the travelling public. In addition to key details, the duration, expected delay and a brief description are also captured to provide a summary directly on the MaP interface.


Maintenance record allows the definition of smaller parcels of work. These also capture a description to allow road users to have an understanding of what works are in place and the expected delay to their trip duration.


Incidents are unplanned events that can lead to traffic chaos. Incidents are very simple to create and define, allowing road users to get timely information that may impact on their journey. Incidents can be updated real-time in the field as they happen, with a direct link through to the MaP application providing an up-to-date warning to the travelling public.